Staying fabulous over that last 15 years as been a great accomplishment for us at Chateau Christine. Starting in 2009 Chateau Christine find ourselves changing with the times and reinventing ideas to bring new and fresh to our current customer base as well as attracting new. This year we would like to continue not only running our retail business but also talk about what our philanthropy looks like. We love to give, donate and help out when we can, but we have honed onto two main events and projects where we found love and passion for. It’s our Compassion & Fashion

Our first philanthropy efforts is hosting our annual Spring Fashion Show. Yes, it’s a lot of fun, music, friends, food and fashion show with is the “Fashion” part of the program. But we get deeper and have asked a nonprofit to partner up with us and the last couple years it has been Women Services who have
received the net profits of this event, which is a self-funded event. Women Services finds a speaker for us who typically is a survivor, and she will tell her story. This is our” Compassion” part of the program. It’s our Compassion & Fashion Projects. This is a very powerful part of our program, and it helps bring awareness to what Women Services does for our community. 

Our next philanthropy project is something that is brand new to Chateau Christine and the community. This is The Stay Fabulous Project. This project is to reach, inspired, mentor young women in our community targeting the elementary schooled aged girls, 5th and 6th graders. This past year we started this project, created, designed and donated over 100 Stay Fabulous Spirit Wear outfits. These outfits were delivered to two local elementary schools and surprised the fabulous 5th and 6th graders. This project is a self-funded project, but we wish to grow the idea to get more involved. 

As Chateau Christine continues to offer incredible shopping experiences and help with the downtown events, we would like to really focus and grow our Compassion & Fashion programs.

You can reach out to Christine Yamrick at or call the store at 814-807-1415.